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Bitady Partners with China’s Biggest VR Summit

The year 2018 was pretty good for virtual reality industry. All VR industry players are actively participated in development and promotion of virtual reality. China is the one of the countries which has shown a keen interest to contribute in VR and AR. China’s Largest VR&AR summit, Asia VR&AR Summit&Fair is to be held on May 2019 and Bitady is the media partner of the event. Bitady has been already collaborated with events and organizations including Mozilla, Asia AR & VR Summit,  SwedenVR and VU Dream.
The summit venue will be China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.

“Chinas largest VR Summit, ASIA VR&AR FAIR&SUMMIT is to be held on MAY 9-11, 2019 in Guangzhou, China”

What is  Asia VR&AR Fair

VR & AR Fair has been successfully held for 2 consecutive years, which is one of the most professional and influential VR & AR event in China. Ever since its first edition in 2017, the show has brought together a galaxy of foremost VR & AR enterprises from overseas, as well as from China & hi-tech heartlands like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Guangzhou. Also popular brands as  Representative exhibitors like Unity Technologies, HTC Vive, JD.COM, DP VR, Royole, Leke VR, Super Captain, Hirain, SLQJ VR,  Hei VR, 3Glassess, PiXYZ Software (France), ICAROS (Germany), Ai6tech (Taiwan), VRway, TPCAST VR, Shenlinqijing, etc.

Bitady powering Virtual Reality
Offficial Poster – Bitady Partners with Asia VR & AR Fair& Summit .

What is in Asia VR&AR Fair

VR&AR Fair 2019 will be held with 2019 Asia Amusement&Attractions Expo (AAA 2019) and The 10th Asia Theater&Filming Equipment Fair 2019 (Asia Theater&Film 2019) on a show floor of 130,000 square meters (13 exhibition hall) with 1100 exhibitors, which are going to cover following sectors VR helmet accessories, VR all-in-one machine, interactive multimedia products, immersive games and devices, immersive digital cinemas, virtual walk-through products, auto stereoscopic (glasses-free), 3D-9D cinema devices, multi-touch devices, AR equipment, AR game, environment modeling technology, realistic sensor (real-time) endering technology, amusement equipment, Theme Park Facilities,etc.

VR, AR and MR will be the entry for the next generation of all-purpose computer platforms and Internet, bringing disruptive changes to the economy, military, human and other fields. Some countries and regions are actively laying out their plans, such as US, EU, Japan, South Korea and so forth. In order to seize the commanding heights of the world’s virtual reality strategy, China has positioned VR as a strategic emerging industry.

How it helps Virtual Reality?

As an exchange platform in VR industry, Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit organized by Grandeur Group has been supporting the information exchange of VR industry. It is believed that the future of VR industry will be unprecedented. To this end, Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit has continuously provided an exhibition exchange platform for VR industry for three consecutive years, and it has never given up to provide development assistance for VR industry. The Event is Co-organized by Guangdong VR Industry Alliance, Guangzhou Virtual Reality Industry Association, Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation and Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Association

File Photo…VR & AR Summit 2018

The World Conference on VR Industry held in October stimulated the VR industry. However Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit in May this year will add more momentum to VR industry.

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Why you should attend VR&AR Fair?

  1. Win face-to-face business opportunities
  2. Seek professional buyers
  3. Come into contact with business decision makers
  4. Maintain existing clients and find new clients
  5. Effectively improve brand image & awareness
  6. Accurately position your company and brand
  7. Grab market shares
  8. Get access to the latest industrial development
  9. Vigorously expand product and service scope
  10. Establish extensive agent and investment attraction network

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