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VR, City of Dreams- Manila VR Zone

Manila got its first Virtual Reality Zone in The Garage, an old car parking zone spread over an area of 2714 Sq. meter along with a food park. It is the latest addition to Manila’s entertainment landscape, and is the first VR Zone in the whole of South East Asia. The efforts of City of Dreams Manila and technological prowess of Japan’s Bandai Namco Amusement have borne fruit through this latest entertainment zone. Bandai is a digital entertainment development company in japan and it has a 3500 Sq. meter Virtual Reality Zone in Shinzuku, Tokyo. The company is also known for its video games like Mario Kart Arcade GP2, Super Smash Bros, Ultimate and Dragon Ball etc as well as innovative Gundam robots.

According to Kevin Benning, Chief Operating Officer of COD, the idea of a VR Zone was inspired by the 11 year old daughter of his boss. She has been to Japan and has loved playing in Bandai Namco Amusement’s VR Zone in Japan. Inspired by the idea, Benning himself visited Japan to experience the idea firsthand. He was bowled over by the idea and its prospect and imported the technology to his country. City of Dreams, Manila is surely proud to partner with Bandai as the company is renowned for its cutting edge technology and creativity. Benning seems to have smelt the potential of a food park cum VR Zone and is livid with the notion of offering a completely new paradigm of entertainment to people in Manila as well as those that visit the city. It really goes beyond gamin and recreation.

According to Kunihisa Yagisita, General Manager of Bandai Namco Amusement, the company is pleased to partner with City of Dreams Manila, the integrated resort and casino property, and bring about this unique entertainment opportunity to South East Asia. In his words, the unique VR activities at The Garage is a step in their effort to bring this immersive and multisensory fun-filled activity to Philippines for enjoyment of Filipinos as well as foreign guests here.

Exciting games

The company is starting with three exciting games in The Garage. These include “Mario Kart Arcade”, “Hospital Escape Terror,” and “Ski Rodeo”. “Ski Rodeo” is a ski simulator where the player needs to ski in a vast and snowy terrain having sharp slopes and sudden drops. “Hospital Escape Terror” is a horror room game where the gamer is supposed to survive in a dark and abandoned hospital. On the other hand “Mario Kart Arcade” is an arcade game developed by Bandai Namco Amusement. According to Benning, there is a plan to add more VR attractions in future, if there is a demand for more.

World-class food

The adjacent food park offers 10 trucks and trailers full of food and beverage and offering various international cuisine.

There is a lot to choose for Japanese cuisine lovers as well. They can get sumptuous pallet like ramen from Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and deep-fried pork cutlet from Katsu Sora.

One can also get famed Hollywood servings like “The Hollywood Legend” from Pink’s Hot Dogs, the famed hot dog stand from Los Angeles.

There is something for local gastronomic lovers as well. They can relish local delicacies like Filipino rice bowls and grilled items from Little Flour Café, a branch of Wildflour Café & Bakery.

The platter at the food park is really exhaustive and continental. One can get Mexican-style street food as well. This includes burritos, tacos, grilled chicken sticks and enchiladas from El Chupacabra. For freshly made and hot artisanal pizza one can go to Pizza Grigliata.

If one is craving for some desert, he can go to Farmacy Ice Cream for milkshakes, coffee, sodas, pastries and some fresh homemade ice cream.

City of Dreams offers its own platter of food through its own outlets like Juiced, Chocolate and The Roaster. They offer invigorating fresh juices, tasty chocolate treats and artisanal coffee.

It is heartening to see that despite such a heady dose of entertainment and gastronomic platter, COD is successfully putting across a message of sustainability through biodegradable compostable utensils, plates and takeout bags.

The Garage remains open from 10 to 2 a.m. daily.

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