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Deloitte embraces VR in Insight Event.

Insight Program is for Organizations generating valuable data-driven insights in decision making. An Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) is one which has succeeded in embedding analysis, data, and reasoning into its decision making processes. 

Deloitte invited VR experts and professionals in upcoming Insight Event, Jachim van HHuut is 
one among them he is the co-founder of Studio05. They will look around how analytics can be experienced for better decision making.

Courtesy: Deloitte

Deloitte have IDO Labs to help organizations to create and implement a successful analytics strategy through full-day interactive workshops. The aim of these is to develop one coherent vision and a comprehensive tactical implementation plan to embed data-driven decision making into the fabric of the organization.

In an IDO Lab, Deloitte works together to co-author the foundations of your analytics capabilities and the value proposition to the wider business. This includes defining the services, organizational structure, and approach needed to enable your organization to become insight-driven.

Courtesy: Deloitte

The sessions are highly interactive and help evaluate where and how analytics insights can be adopted to solve business challenges, leaving organizations with clear direction to pursue analytics. 
The IDO approach and methodology is based on Deloitte’s experience embedding analytics capabilities in their own organization worldwide, as well as those of their clients. The Lab methodology was designed using the latest science on how best learn and interact in group settings and combines expert facilitation, deep subject matter expertise, and design thinking to maximize idea generation and consensus.

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Courtesy Deloitte

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