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One-third of global brands to choose VR for customer engagement by 2020

Customer engagement, behaviour patterns determine trends and build in highly impacted sale points. Enhancing the product experience to the customers, keeping them engaged has been the target for many brands to keep their businesses in full swing. As the technology applications like augmented and virtual reality invaded the segments of brand building, product presentations and customer engagements, the brands became more experimental and experiential.

VR is the most preferred tool for customer engagement as more innovations are unveiled using the VR technology. Here is you should know why:

VR and Human Senses

VR influences the human senses such that it tricks the emotional intelligence and heightens the memory of it. The concept of “presence” has to be understood to know what does it do to the human senses. The experience of an immersive environment makes an object feel it is immersed in a virtual environment. This experience stimulates the brain to act accordingly which makes the object believe the things are real. This change the behaviours and reactions of body balance. The best example to imagine its efficiency in affecting the emotional intellects is that paraplegics have shown a great improvement in moving their legs after treating them with VR.

VR art of storytelling

VR Story Telling - Customer engagement
Courtesy Look on media

The art of storytelling has been completely taken to a new level with VR. The object is placed in the centre of action in the immersive environment. This triggers the brain to believe that the object is part of the story and is not virtual.  The cinematography, music and content have an exponential impact on the viewer with VR. This technological art of storytelling makes the viewer understand the scenarios in their own terms and even create emotional connect.

No distractions allowed

Many communication tools have challenges with noise around them. Many communication researchers have come with theories to reduce the influence of noises in communication processes. With VR, it can be estimated that there would be zero per cent noise distraction as the object is completely immersed in a 3D virtual environment. High focus levels, no distraction, no noise at its best.  

How to Use VR to Stand Out at a Trade Show

VR is for your good health

VR is not just a tool which gives you a 3D experience but also engagement with the virtual world imprinting experiences on your brain through senses and help you retain the experience with higher memory levels. In fact, VR keeps you healthy. It’s application the medicine has made magic. It not only made paraplegics walk but also fought fears and phobias, treated autism, PTSD and depression.

Your imagination is the only limit

The advantages of VR applications are limitless. Many new concepts are evolving as the time goes on like travelling into future, the places you wanted to visit across the globe, creating blueprints of your imagination. The unlimited potential of the VR experiences is also pushing brands to choose product presentations fused with customer experience. VR allows your customers to experience product they buy. VR has efficiently increased the sales volume by giving better product presentations, retaining consumer experience, better product comparisons. Brands user VR to make good sales.

Adaptability into VR

Is the VR technology complicated? Is it adaptable to the regular platforms we use? Usability and adaptability issues have haunted the brands on how they can integrate the technology for their products. It is not a challenge to adapt. The market has changed drastically as many VR compatible tools like mobiles, headsets enter, lowering the prices and number of options to the users. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are such examples which made this technology user-friendly. This technology can be used with 360-degree videos, interactive game engine content on facebook, youtube and other technology compatible channels.

VR brand experience

VR gives you a better product presentation, engages your customer, enhance the customer experience. What else is needed for a brand to create a brand recall and recognition? Realising this potential it is expected that one-third of the global brands are adapting VR tools in various segments of their business, and are willing to invest time, energy, resource and funds. By 2020 the VR may occupy major portions of the human sensory landscape.


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