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The Truth About 63% Prefer VR to Visiting Physical Store

Consumers say they are interested to use VR to test a product before purchasing them.

According to a survey conducted by  Crowd DNA for Facebook, majority of the consumers believes virtual reality will be the part of daily life in coming days. 11,000 adults from 11 countries are participated in the survey. There are differences by market, with 60% of those in the U.S. anticipating a VR future compared to 87% in India, 77% in Brazil, 58% in the U.K. and 45% in France.

A consumer experiencing VR

Facebook placed its own bet on virtual reality with its purchase of Oculus for $3 billion a few years back, while studies consistently forecast augmented reality being significantly larger than virtual reality in the long term. The majority (63%) of internet users say they already have tried augmented reality created by a brand.

For using virtual reality, the survey showed a wide range of interests in using the technology to test a product before making a decision to buy it.

Most (71%) would be interested in using VR relating to travel, to check vacation destinations or hotels, followed by entertainment (59%), retail (58%), auto (49%) and gaming (48%). The majority (63%) of internet users are interested in using virtual reality to view products without having to visit a physical store.

The growth of virtual reality still faces significant challenges.  For example, most people don’t have a traditional VR headset, nor the computing processing power needed to support them, both of which can be costly.

Virtual reality is likely to grow in usage, but not as some may expect.

Rather than individuals buying VR headsets and diving in themselves, businesses, such as travel agencies, car dealers and retailers, are turning to VR to expand their offering beyond their physical location.

Using virtual reality for marketing products and services is the more promising bet.


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