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Virtual Reality Master Class in Hyderabad

Bitady News is announcing VR masterclass in Hyderabad,The masterclass on Virtual Reality is designed for beginners/experts and no coding experience is required

Collab House, An active community space and co-working space is hosting a workshop & masterclass in Hyderabad. Vitrtual Reality community in the city is growing rapidly as the result of small community gatherings and meetups. Hyderabad the city popular for pearls and Now it is being popular for technology development and research with massive support of Telangana government and T-Hub(Indias largest startup incubator, located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad).

The 2 Day VR/AR workshop and masterclass will give participants deep dive into the initial learning curve necessary for making and developing your own virtual reality experience  and content, covering both current thinking in VR storytelling techniques through virtual reality experiences & content, covering both current thinking in VR storytelling techniques through hands-on practical experience of using Unity games engine to creative, real-time VR content.

You can attend the event If you’re exploring a career, want to prototype an idea, or just want to learn something new, this two-day Masterclass is designed for anyone with a curious mind and who wish to fully understand the core principles and practical applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. No prior coding skills are not required. For registration and more details about the event : Click here

AR and VR technology is revolutionizing several industries including, Entertainment, engineering, defense, banking & finance, manufacturing, maintenance, human resource development, real estate, construction, education, retail, and healthcare(Watch Youtbuve Video: Cat Anatomy in VR) industries. Bitady News recently listed VR education apps and published the best VR education apps.

You can read best VR education apps here.

Bitady News is covering recent happenings and researches in Virtual Reality.


10 Early-bird registrations available now Grab your seats now and explore the world of Virtual Reality / AR.



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