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Youtube VR Creator Lab is coming to London

Youtube Creator space, a space for learning and training to develop video contents has already marked as successful. For VR content creators in Europe, Youtube launched VR Creator Lab in last year and London is the next city to eyewitness VR Bootcamp.

Youtube is conducting the camp in partnership with VRScout and Daydream to experiment with YouTube’s VR180 format is open to individuals residing within the European Union, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland. Taking place September 18th – 20th in London, the three-day intensive “bootcamp” will expose participants to the ins and outs of shooting 180-degree VR content. In addition, those chosen for the program will receive $30,000$40,000 USD in support of their VR project, as well as three months of official training from leading VR instructors and filmmakers.

Applicants must either own a YouTube channel with at least 10,000 subscribers or be an independent filmmaker who has “preferably had previous work screened at a film or interactive media festival.”

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They must also be fluent in English, be at least 18 years old, and have access to high speed bandwidth for video conferencing. They also cannot be a consumer brand or part of a larger production company with more than 15 employees.

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